Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maryland Multi Housing Association, offering FREE, Online Market Surveys and a password protected Website to most property owners/managers in Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD– The Maryland Multi Housing Association, Inc. (MMHA) announced they are now offering a FREE online market survey and password protected apartment website to all property managers/owners in the State of Maryland (all counties except Montgomery/Prince George).

 MMHA recently partnered with to offer the online market surveys.

According to Adam Skolnik, Executive Vice President of MMHA, “MMHA was the first apartment association outside of Florida to offer this free service to all apartment owners and managers.

“ Now the owners or property managers from Garrett County to Worchester County and everywhere in between can simply go to, click the blue market survey button and log in to update their rents/occupancies.

 Once they update their property, they can then invite their comp group to join them for MMHA’s FREE Online Market Survey.

“This is the first online market survey system that is designed specifically for property managers, owners, and the local and state apartment associations” said Mr. Robert E. Smith (top right photo), Founder of

He notes, “A typical property spends over $3,900 per year calling for market surveys.

“This does not include the additional time that is wasted by on site personnel who give out the same information via telephone or fax over and over again to anyone who calls.

“The apartment association’s membership consists of owners, management companies and vendors who sell products or services to the apartment communities.

“This system allows the property manager/owner to save time. It also gives the product or service providers another opportunity to advertise their products or services directly to property managers.

“ In addition, the apartment association can boost its membership, since the website was designed to send everyone who calls an apartment property for a market survey to the apartment association’s website.

“ Property owners and managers also get a free password protected website at ( just for participating with the online market survey.”

The Maryland Multi Housing Association (MMHA) is a non-profit trade association representing owners, developers, investors, managers and employees of apartment communities in Maryland. (MMHA) is a professional non-profit trade association established in 1996.

MMHA's membership consists of owners and managers of over 130,000 rental housing homes that house over 130,000 families in the state of Maryland.  Our membership also includes over 170 associate members that supply goods and services to the multi-housing industry.

(MMHA) serves the rental housing industry and our communities by promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards of excellence. We provide education, information, legislative and advocacy services, enabling our members to operate successfully while contributing to the community around us.

Associate members are suppliers, vendors, and contractors dedicated to the apartment industry. MMHA is a not-for-profit membership organization created by and for apartment owners, builders, developers, management companies, and their employees in the property management business.

We offer our members professional certification programs, continuing education opportunities, lease and addendum forms, legislative advocacy and communication of industry issues.

Adam Skolnik, CPM. Maryland Multi Housing Association (MMHA)
Robert E. Smith, Founder,,
407.206.3791, ext. 101