Monday, October 11, 2010

Community Association Management Experts oversee more than 200 Florida Communities and see more on the Horizon

 ORLANDO, FL - Jack Hanson, LCAM, and Ellen Lumpkin (top right photo), LCAM co-founders and principals merged their companies in 2007 to form Melrose-Sovereign Companies, specializing in management of condominium and homeowner associations and community development districts throughout Florida and now this company ranks as one of the largest management firms in Florida.

 Hanson launched the Melrose Company in 1992 to focus on managing homeowner and condominium associations and community development districts for owners.  Lumpkin specializes in condo-conversions, third party leasing and asset management.

Today, Melrose-Sovereign Companies has served more than 200 communities with more than 80,000 units. The firm provides homeowner and condominium management, third-party leasing and management, condominium leasing and management, and asset management.

 “We are successful because we work so well together,” Hanson said. “That sense of shared responsibility extends to all of our key professionals in all our offices throughout Florida,” he said.

 “We offer a wide range of community management resources so that we can meet the needs of practically every development project and every community in Florida,” Lumpkin said.

For more information, please contact:  

Jack B. Hanson, LCAM, Partner/co-founder, Melrose-Sovereign Companies, 407-228-4181,;
 Ellen G. Lumpkin, LCAM, Partner/Co-founder, Melrose-Sovereign Companies, 407-228-4181,;
Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, Larry Vershel Communications, 407-644-4142,

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