Friday, March 4, 2011

HFF, Inc. announces new leadership team structure


 PITTSBURGH, PA – HFF, Inc. announced today the creation of a new Leadership Team for its operating partnerships to replace their former Operating Committees. 

The Leadership Team includes 41 of the firm’s top professionals who have the overall leadership and management responsibilities of the firm’s business for 2011. 

The Leadership Team consists of professionals spanning across each of HFF’s lines of business, property and product specialties and all of its offices, and it also includes a new four-person Executive Committee, which has overall responsibility for implementing the strategic direction of the firm and the Leadership Team. 

The new structure of HFF’s top line leadership is intended to enable better coordination and communication within the various platforms, specialties and offices, and provide HFF with improved management capacity to further strategically grow its business as well as better identify future leaders of the business.

New leadership designations of note include Gerard Sansosti who is responsible for HFF’s overall Debt Placement line of business.  In addition, as the current head of HFF’s Washington, D.C. debt practice, Sansosti, along with Steve Conley (middle left photo), is responsible for significantly growing and expanding the debt practice there.

Further notable leadership changes include Steve Henderson who is now head of HFF’s Freddie Mac relationship; Randy Baird who leads HFF’s industrial specialty efforts; Jason Nettles is an office head in Atlanta; Trey Morsbach is now an office head in Dallas; Mark Popovich is an office head in Pittsburgh; and Doug Bond helps lead the firm’s Los Angeles office.

 A list of professionals and areas of responsibility within the new Leadership Team is below:

Line of Business Leadership

Debt Placement & Structured Finance, Gerard Sansosti                   
Investment Sales, Mark Gibson
Loan Sales, Jody Thornton                     
HFF Securities, Investment Banking,  Mark Gibson
Corporate Consulting, John Pelusi
Loan Servicing, David Croskery

Office Location Leadership

Atlanta, Jason Nettles & Mark Sixour  
Austin, Sean Sorrell & Jody Thornton
Boston, Riaz Cassum & Fred Wittmann
Chicago, Mike Kavanau & Matthew Lawton
Dallas, Andrew Levy & Trey Morsbach
Hartford, Dana Brome
Houston, Scott Galloway & Grady Roberts
Indianapolis, Dave Keller
Los Angeles, Paul Brindley, Doug Bond & Dan Cashdan
Miami,  Manny de Zarraga
New Jersey, Tom Didio & Jon Mikula
New York, Mike Tepedino
Orange County, Don Curtis, Sean Deasy & Ryan Gallagher
Pittsburgh, Dave Nackoul & Mark Popovich
Portland, Lloyd Minten
San Diego, Tim Wright
San Francisco, Bruce Ganong & Michael Leggett
Washington D.C,. Stephen Conley & Gerard Sansosti

Property Specialty Leadership

Office, Stephen Conley                                                   
Retail, John Pelusi
Multi-Housing, Sean Deasy & Matthew Lawton
Industrial, Randy Baird
Hospitality, Daniel Peek
Self-Storage, Aaron Swerdlin   
Net Lease, Mark West
Special Assets Group, Manny de Zarraga
Foreign Capital, Riaz Cassum
Freddie Mac, Steve Henderson
Executive Committee, Mark Gibson, John Pelusi, Jody Thornton & John Fowler

John H. Pelusi Jr., (top right photo)  Chief Executive Officer, (412) 281-8714,
Myra F. Moren, Director, Investor Relations , (713) 852-3500,

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