Thursday, March 31, 2011

WeinPlus Chief Executive Says for Many Real Estate Companies, Revenue Opportunities Lie “Between the Cracks”

 ST. PETERSBURG, FL--- Most companies do fairly well at optimizing productivity within individual departments. But substantial revenue opportunities---and profits---often lie “between the cracks,” says Rachel Elias Wein (top right photo) at WeinPlus Real Estate Advisory Services in St. Petersburg.

Wein, whose firm specializes in helping real estate owners, developers, lenders and management companies manage their operations to increase revenues, said most operations are good at maximizing efforts within departments.

“The leasing department does a good job of leasing, the legal department does a good job of negotiating and executing the lease.

“The construction department does a good job with construction. But the biggest opportunities to increase profits lie in the hand-off between leasing and legal, or the notification between legal and construction, or the turn over from construction to property management,” Wein said.

“I see significant gaps, and significant opportunities between these departments,” she said. 

That’s where WeinPlus focuses much of its expertise.

“Creating overlapping systems to optimize the entire process--- not just the sub-processes---can result in significant revenue enhancement and profitability,” Wein said.

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