Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Delinquent Loan Rates for Commercial Real Estate Reach All-Time High

 ATLANTA, GA – The national delinquency rate for commercial real estate loans is higher than it has been in at least two decades, according to Tom Fink (top right photo), senior managing director at Trepp and a recent guest on the “Commercial Real Estate Show.”

Fink told radio show host Michael Bull (lower left photo) the national delinquency rate for loans on commercial real estate has reached 9.42 percent, the highest it has been since data on the subject was first tracked in the early 90s. The total amount of delinquent loans on commercial real estate properties is $61 billion, he said.

The cause, according to Fink, is “bad underwriting during the bull market.”

As for the future, Fink estimated that $300 billion in commercial real estate needs to be refinanced in the next three years. At least half of loans coming due are “underwater,” meaning the loans are more than the value of the property.

 “If you are in the distressed real estate market, you still have tons of opportunities out there,” he said.

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