Monday, March 21, 2011

Rhodes+Brito Architects Commissioned to Design New Gateway Monument to 125th Anniversary of Historical Eatonville

ORLANDO, FL. --- Rhodes+Brito Architects, based in Orlando, was recently commissioned to design the gateway monument that will mark the 125th anniversary of the historic Town of Eatonville.

Maximiano Brito,  co-founder and partner at Rhodes+Brito Architects, said $1.4 million in funding for the project will be provided by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The 60 foot gateway monument will feature a clock and the town seal, Brito said. A custom steel truss supported by brick pilings will span Kennedy Blvd. and welcome visitors to the Town of Eatonville’s historic district.

For more information contact:
Ruffin Rhodes (top right photo), Rhodes+Brito Architects, 407-648-7288 x103
Maximiano Brito, Rhodes+Brito Architects, 407-648-7288
Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, Larry Vershel Communications 407-644-4142 (fax: 4410)

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