Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Northbridge Centre's YouTube Minute


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Does Northbridge Centre's reputation as the Darth Vader building (top left photo) carry enough force to become YouTube's next viral sensation?

That's what its Dallas-based owner, Gaedeke Group LLC, intends to find out with a light-hearted marketing campaign for the iconic class A office building. www.youtube.com/user/gaedekegroup

Skinned in black glass and black metal, the 21-story Northbridge Centre at 515 N. Flagler Dr. earned the nickname in 1983 due to its north face silhouette, which resembles the fearless Star Wars character's imposing helmet. The moniker not only stuck in downtown West Palm Beach, but gained recognition statewide for the 288,233-sf Northbridge Centre.

Kirk Fetter, 561 515 7407 for additional information

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