Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Permitting Specialist at Cuhaci & Peterson Architects Appointed to County Board to Streamline Permitting Processes

ORLANDO, FL --- Bill Tomala (top right photo), Government Relations and Permit Coordinator at Cuhaci & Peterson Architects in Orlando, was recently appointed to an Orange County Task Force charged with reviewing County regulations to streamline the permitting process.

Lonnie Peterson, chairman of Cuhaci & Peterson Architects LLC, said Tomala has substantial experience negotiating the county’s sometimes labyrinthine regulatory requirements.

“Regulatory requirements have a sound purpose to assure quality design and construction throughout Orange County,” Peterson said. “The problem arises when several different agencies over several years insert specific requirements that sometimes overlap and are sometimes obsolete,” he said.

Tomala is well versed in county regulatory requirements.

“Bill Tomala is responsible for meeting regulatory requirements for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects, from the handicap ramps we design pro bono for clients of the Center for Independent Living to large scale retail, office, medical and food service environments,” Peterson said.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs (middle left photo) appointed the task force.

“Mayor Jacobs is on the right track and we applaud her efforts,” Peterson said. “If we can streamline the regulatory and permitting process we can maintain Orange County’s high standards and reduce the cost of design, development and construction,” Peterson said.

For more information, contact:  
Lonnie Peterson, Chairman Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, LLC, 407-661-9100;  
Jed Downs, President Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, LLC, 407-661-9100;  
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